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ARC improves manufacturing, shipping, quote to cash, order-to-cash, and procure-to-pay processes via our Supply Chain Management solutions.

Customer Satisfaction, Quality Reputation and Market Leadership.
Every year, ARC Manufacture critical Electrical Component which is highly used in Every Major Industry in the world and utilizes millions of products and services in over 200 categories from thousands of suppliers all over the world. Our goal is to create a supply base that works as an extended enterprise for us, creating value through constantly improving quality, technology, logistics, and so on, while optimizing cost.

We develop relationships worldwide to strengthen our network of suppliers and source everything the business needs to design, manufacture, sell and service our portfolio of highly sophisticated engineering products and services around the world.

The standards of a ARC’s supply chain are a direct reflection on a ARC’s own standards, and of course have a large impact on the service the customer receives. This is why good supply chain management is vital for any organization.

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This procedure will be subject to review annually and possibly updated. In case of changes/updates in the procedure, it will be communicated to all employees and our supply chain.

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